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New Gulfstream G700: 83% of Testing Done on Sustainable Aviation Fuel

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New Gulfstream G700: 83% of Testing Done on Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Savannah, Georgia, United States, January 9, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced the all-new Gulfstream G700 has made great strides in its flight-test program and is capping 2021 with additional accomplishments, including the use of a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) blend on 83% of G700 flights launched from the Savannah-based Gulfstream Flight Test Center. Gulfstream anticipates G700 customer deliveries beginning in the fourth quarter of 2022.

“Getting this amazing aircraft in front of customers has been one of the highlights of 2021,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “We are also further demonstrating our commitment to SAF by using the fuel blend as much as possible on G700 test flights — five out of six test aircraft have used the fuel blend on every flight. We look forward to building on these successes in 2022 and accomplishing even more program milestones as we move closer to customer deliveries.”

The G700 has set city-pair records on all its major international trips for customer viewings. In September, the fully outfitted production-test aircraft set speed records from Savannah to Doha, Qatar; from Doha to Paris; and from Paris back to Savannah. The G700 then made record-setting flights from Houston, Texas, to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and returned in record time from Riyadh to Savannah. The city-pair flights were made using a combination of SAF and carbon offsets to minimize environmental impacts.

In addition to maintaining an industry-leading role in using and promoting the safety, ease and performance capabilities of SAF, Gulfstream also supports the industry’s overall efforts to decrease carbon emissions by providing SAF to customers and being the first business-aviation manufacturer to sign the World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow 2030 Ambition Statement. To date, Gulfstream has purchased more than 1.6 million gallons of the SAF blend for company and customer use.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
Inspired by the belief that aviation could fuel business growth, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. invented the first purpose-built business aircraft, the Gulfstream I, which first flew in 1958. Today, more than 2,900 aircraft are in service around the world. Together with parent company General Dynamics, Gulfstream consistently invests in the future, dedicating resources to researching and developing innovative new aircraft, technologies and services. With a fleet that includes the super-midsize Gulfstream G280, the high-performing Gulfstream G650 and Gulfstream G650ER, and a next-generation family of aircraft including the all-new Gulfstream G400, the award-winning Gulfstream G500 and Gulfstream G600, the flagship Gulfstream G700 and the ultralong-range Gulfstream G800, Gulfstream offers an aircraft for every mission. All are backed by Gulfstream’s Customer Support network and its worldwide team.

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Sustainable Tourism Can Offer Mountain Communities Path to Prosperity

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Sustainable Tourism Can Offer Mountain Communities Path to Prosperity

Rome, Italy, December 15, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / FAO and UNWTO launch new publication at high-level event to celebrate International Mountain Day 2021. Sustainable tourism plays a key role in boosting livelihoods, poverty alleviation, and environmental conservation in mountainous areas, according to a new report launched by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and UNWTO at an International Mountain Day 2021 celebration event.

Mountain tourism – Towards a more sustainable path, jointly developed by FAO, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), highlights the role of tourism in the sustainable development of mountain regions. The publication features examples of innovation, best practices and initiatives from all over the world, as well as practical guidelines and recommendations in the context of building back better for sustainable mountain tourism.

Sustainable tourism can serve as an important driver of socio-economic development in mountain areas

“For many mountain communities, tourism is their livelihood,” FAO Director-General QU Dongyu stressed at the event. “Promoting sustainable eco-tourism, agri-tourism and wellness tourism can help generate new jobs, diversify income, build robust micro-economies and revitalize products and services,” he added, encouraging everyone to work together to protect fragile mountain ecosystems and “rethink and reshape mountain tourism for the benefit of mountain communities, global wellbeing and the planet’s health.”

“Sustainable tourism can serve as an important driver of socio-economic development in mountain areas. Well managed, community-based tourism increases and diversifies household incomes, enhances job and livelihood opportunities, supports traditional systems, builds resilience and helps to conserve and promote natural and cultural heritage across landscapes,” said UNWTO Secretary-General, Zurab Pololikashvili.

The theme of International Mountain Day 2021

The United Nations has designated 11 December as International Mountain Day, with FAO as the lead agency for its coordination. Celebrated every year, it creates awareness about the importance of mountains to life, highlighting the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and building alliances that will bring positive change to mountain peoples and environments around the world.

With mountain destinations attracting around 15-20 percent of global tourism, International Mountain Day 2021’s theme of sustainable mountain tourism recognizes the sector’s role in valuing the natural and cultural heritage of mountains and mountain peoples, promoting sustainable food systems, and protecting mountain ecosystems and their biodiversity.

The Year’s theme also draws attention to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it can be an opportunity to rebuild mountain tourism in a greener and more sustainable and inclusive way. This means ensuring community empowerment, effective measurement of the impact of tourism in mountains, the effective management of resources and waste, and the definition of carrying capacity for destinations.

A joint effort

Today’s high-level International Mountain Day event was opened by the FAO Director-General QU Dongyu and UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili. Other participants included Maria Ubach, Andorra’s Minister of Foreign Affairs , Christine Bulliard-Marbach Swiss Parliamentarian, Member of the National Council and President of the Swiss Association for Mountain Regions, Roberto Natali, Plenipotentiary Minister and Directorate General for Development Cooperation for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Anthonette Velasco-Allones, Chief Operating Officer of the Philippines Tourism Promotions Board and mountaineer Reinhold Messner. FAO Deputy Director-General Maria Helena Semedo gave the concluding remarks. Stella Jean – an Italian-Haitian fashion designer was appointed Mountain Partnership Goodwill Ambassador in recognition of her work with mountain women artisans from Kyrgyzstan. Dilshodbegim Khusravova, a Tajik young activist, was named Youth Mountain Partnership Goodwill Ambassador for her work in early warning disaster prevention systems in the mountains of Tajikistan.

The event highlighted the need to promote dialogue and cooperation to tap mountain tourism’s full potential to contribute to sustainable development. It highlighted the work that many Mountain Partnership members and UNWTO member states are doing to ensure that mountain communities are not left behind in the spirit of the UN 2030 Agenda.
Sustainable best practices

According to the study, sustainable mountain tourism products and services should shift from high-impact tourism to low-impact, climate-sensitive ones, and create new opportunities, bringing tangible benefits to local communities, while helping to enhance the conservation of the unique mountain heritage. They should also be inclusive, providing a good quality of employment and decent work. The publication highlights projects from across the world that are doing just that, including in the Cordillera region of the Philippines, where the country’s Department of Tourism, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat and Slow Food are connecting tourism service providers to small-scale producers so visitors can discover high-quality mountain products, and ‘astrostays’ in the Himalayas, which are homestays provided by local communities that include stargazing activities.

FAO and UNWTO have a long history of working together, boosted by a recent Memorandum of Understanding between the two parties. This establishes further commitment to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship, drive sustainable development, and strengthen livelihoods through rural tourism, agritourism, nature tourism, outdoor activities and other forms of landscape-based tourism. It envisages, among others, collaborative activities within the framework of FAO’s Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS), the Coalition of Fragile Ecosystems and the Green Cities Initiative.

First published at – Global Travel News

First published at – Global Travel News

GreenClub and GEO Foundation Collaboration to Drive Golf Sustainability

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GreenClub and GEO Foundation Collaboration to Drive Golf Sustainability - TRAVELINDEXDublin, Ireland, November 11, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Renewable energy specialists GreenClub has taken its long-term commitment to improving sustainability in the golf industry to new heights by forming a new partnership with GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf.

The exciting development will see the two organisations collaborate closely to promote sustainability across a range of different platforms and markets, commencing in the UK.

As well as driving increased awareness for sustainability through newsletters and print, digital and social media, the new collaboration will see GreenClub align their advisory services with the online OnCourse® programme for sustainable club and course management, as well as the recognition GEO provides for sustainable golf – spanning nature, resources, communities and climate action. They will also work together at a variety of events including webinars and conferences.

An international non-profit organisation, GEO Foundation is dedicated to helping accelerate sustainability and climate action in and through golf around the world, working collaboratively to help the sport embrace environmental and social issues and become widely acclaimed for its role.

Jonathan Smith, founder and executive director of GEO Foundation, said: “It is imperative that the golf industry works collaboratively to deliver innovative solutions for climate action. We are excited about GreenClub joining the growing number of partners who provide innovation and services for sustainable golf and, in particular, helping more clubs and facilities on their sustainability journey.”

Launched last autumn, GreenClub works with the golf and leisure sector to help venues to realise their sustainable goals.

London Golf Club – host of this summer’s Cazoo Classic on the European Tour – and Roganstown Hotel & Country Club in Ireland just two of the clubs to have benefitted from the consultants’ expertise, and GreenClub chief executive Liam Greasley believes the new GEO agreement will be instrumental in helping to create a number of new opportunities for the company.

He said: “Golf clubs can gain a huge amount by focusing their attention on energy – where it comes from; what they can generate themselves; how they can future proof their facility; and how they can reduce consumption, costs and emissions.

“We’d encourage clubs to embrace the specialist advisory support that we can provide and the custom-built programmes available which, together, can accelerate their progress as efficient and sustainable businesses.

“We are delighted to be working closely with GEO Foundation as a sustainable golf innovator and solution provider dovetailing services with their programmes and connecting our clients with the growing sustainable golf community.”

A principal partner of the PGA, GreenClub is committed to promoting long-term sustainability and carbon neutrality, and their objective continues to gather pace on several fronts.

As well as their consultation services to assess current and future needs of any business as they seek to reduce their carbon emissions, venues can also become generators of their own green renewable energy by utilising renewable energy options. In some cases, any surplus energy can then be sold to the local market, rather than back to the grid.

In addition, GreenClub unveiled a 10-point plan earlier this month which it is urging golf clubs and venues to adopt so that they can start their journey towards ultimately becoming ‘net zero.’ The eco-checklist covers all parts of everyday life and features a number of simple measures that not only promote a greener future but can also benefit venues financially.

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Tourism Unites Behind Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action at COP26

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Tourism Unites Behind Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action at COP26 - TRAVELINDEXGlasgow, Scotland, UK, November 6, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / The Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism was launched today at the UN Climate Change Conference COP26. Some of tourism’s biggest businesses have joined governments and destinations in committing to cut emissions in half by 2030 and achieve Net Zero by 2050 at the latest.

The Glasgow Declaration recognizes the urgent need for a globally consistent plan for climate action in tourism. Signatories commit to measure, decarbonize, regenerate and unlock finance. Additionally, each signatory commits to deliver a concrete climate action plan, or updated plan, within 12 months of signing.

Speaking at COP26, UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili stressed that “while many private businesses have led the way in advancing climate action, a more ambitious sector-wide approach is needed to ensure tourism accelerates climate action in a meaningful way”. He added that “the Glasgow Declaration is a tool to help bridge the gap between good intentions and meaningful climate action”.

Already, more than 300 tourism stakeholders have signed up to the Declaration, including leading industry players to destinations, countries and other tourism stakeholders ranging from large to small. The Glasgow Declaration was developed through the collaboration of UNWTO, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Visit Scotland, the Travel Foundation and Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency, within the framework of the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme committed to accelerate sustainable consumption and production patterns.

The Glasgow Declaration is a tool to help bridge the gap between good intentions and meaningful climate action

“WTTC is delighted to be a supporter and launch partner to the Glasgow Declaration and thereby add our voice, the voice of the global private sector, to this important collective call for heightened ambition in the travel and tourism sector. The Glasgow Declaration is a real opportunity for travel and tourism to unite and show true leadership as we strive towards Net Zero”, said Julia Simpson, President and CEO, WTTC.

“Through the Glasgow Declaration, the One Planet Network‘s Sustainable Tourism Programme offers a common platform to catalyze climate action in tourism. This Initiative is fundamental to create the right momentum to accelerate climate action in tourism through sustainable consumption and production”, said Mr  Jorge  Laguna-Celis, Head of the One Planet Network Secretariat, Economy Division, UNEP.

“As UN High-Level Climate Action Champions, we warmly welcome the Glasgow Declaration and recognise the efforts of the over 300 Launch Partners. This is a pivotal step, aligning the tourism sector on our Race to Zero campaign’s goal of halving emissions by 2030 and achieving Net Zero by 2050 at the latest”, said Gonzalo Muñoz, High-Level Climate Champion.

The launch event at COP26 featured a panel discussion underscoring the importance of increased climate action and ambition in the tourism sector, with contributions from David W. Panuelo, President of the Federated States of Micronesia alongside Iván Eskildsen, Minister of Tourism for Panama; Jan Christian Vestre, Minister of Trade and Industry for Norway; Patrick Child, Deputy Director General for the Environment at the European Commission; Julia Simpson, CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council; Catherine Dolton, Trustee and Treasurer of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance; Darrell Wade, Co-founder and Chairman, Intrepid Group; and Jeremy Smith, Co-founder of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency.

The more than 300 signatories include businesses, countries, tourism stakeholders and destinations, among them:

  • Accor
  • AITO – The Specialist Travel Association
  • ANVR – Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators
  • Asian Ecotourism Network
  • Panama
  • Barbados
  • Bilbao Convention Bureau
  • Bucuti & Tara
  • Cairngorns National Park Authority
  • Dallas Fort Worth Airport
  • ETOA – European Tourism Association
  • Forum Anders Reisen
  • Future of Tourism Coalition
  • GSTC – Global Sustainable Tourism Council
  • Iberostar Group
  • Innovation Norway
  • Intrepid Travel
  • Legacy Vacation Resorts
  • Much Better Adventures
  • Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions
  • NECSTouR – Network of European Regions for Sustainable and Competitive Tourism
  • Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
  • Pacific Tourism Organization
  • Federated States of Micronesia
  • Skyscanner
  • Sustainable First
  • Sustainable Hospitality Alliance
  • The Long Run
  • Tourism Authority of Kiribati
  • Travalyst Limited
  • Travelindex Group
  • VisitScotland
  • World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

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First published at – Global Travel News

Sustainable First Signs Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism as Launch Partner

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Sustainable First Signs Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism as Launch PartnerLondon, United Kingdom, November 2, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Sustainable First announced today that it has become a signatory and launch partner of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism.

The Declaration unites travel and tourism behind a common set of pathways for climate action, aligning the sector with global commitments and catalysing collaborative solutions to the many challenges facing businesses and destinations globally.

The Glasgow Declaration will be officially launched at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) on the 4th of November 2021 and encourages the acceleration of climate action in tourism by securing commitments to reduce emissions in tourism by at least 50% over the next decade, and achieve Net Zero as soon as possible before 2050.

“The time for climate action is now and everyone in the industry has an important role to play. We work closely with the brilliant UNWTO and UNEP team that lead the One Planet Network programme and are thrilled to be launch partners of this important initiative.

The message is clear, we need a unified approach from the sector in order to accelerate climate action and therefore we extend the invitation to every tourism Business, Destination or Supporting Organisation to join us signing the Declaration and be a part of the solution.” said Mafalda Borea, CEO of Sustainable First.

The Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism brings together the latest research and global expertise to galvanise climate action. It will be hosted within the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme’s website, supported by Recommended Actions for tourism stakeholders across the world to consider as part of their action planning, alongside other resources. As the declaration states: “A just transition to Net Zero before 2050 will only be possible if tourism’s recovery accelerates the adoption of sustainable consumption and production, and redefines our future success to consider not only economic value but rather the regeneration of ecosystems, biodiversity and communities.”

The need for a globally consistent approach for climate action in tourism has been made clear, notably through research into CO2 emissions carried out by UNWTO/ITF  and released at the UNFCCC COP25 in December 2019. This showed that transport-related emissions from tourism were forecast to increase by 25% by 2030 from 2016 levels, against the current ambition scenario. One  Planet  Vision  for  a  responsible  recovery  of  the  tourism  sector

In  2020, the One Planet Vision for a Responsible Recovery of the Tourism Sector  was  adopted  with  the aim  of  emerging  from  the  COVID-19 crisis both  stronger  and  more  sustainable.  Climate  action  is  a  central element  of  the  Vision,  which  calls  for  monitoring  and  reporting  CO2  emissions  from  tourism,  promoting the introduction of science-based targets, accelerating the decarbonisation of tourism operations, and engaging the tourism sector in carbon removal.

About  Sustainable First
Sustainable First is a sustainable tourism platform that features truly sustainable tourism destinations, accommodations & businesses and links the impact their initiatives have in their local communities to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals they are working towards.

Sustainable First inspires actions and strategies for moving towards a more sustainable pattern of development in tourism providing prosperity and opportunities for all. #BeSustainableFirst

About  the  One  Planet  Network  Sustainable  Tourism Programme
The  One  Planet  Sustainable  Tourism Programme  has  the  overall  objective  to  enhance  the  sustainable development impacts of the tourism sector by 2030,  by  developing,  promoting  and  scaling  up  sustainable consumption  and  production practices  that  boost  the  efficient  use  of natural  resources  while  producing less  waste  and  addressing  the  challenges  of  climate  change,  loss  of  biodiversity  and  pollution.  The Sustainable  Tourism  Programme  is  part  of  the  One  Planet  network,  a  multi-stakeholder  partnership  to implement  SDG  12  on Sustainable  Consumption and  Production.

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Barcelona Call to Action Maps Way Forward for Tourism

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Barcelona Call to Action Maps Way Forward for Tourism - TRAVELINDEXBarcelona, Spain, October 29, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Tourism has united around a common Call to Action, outlining a shared vision for the sustainable and inclusive future of the sector. On the second day of the Future of Tourism World Summit in Barcelona (26-27 October), UNWTO was joined by fellow UN agencies, government Ministers, and public and private sector leaders, in agreeing to seize the opportunity to restart and recover better from the impacts of the pandemic. The Call to Action brings together the solutions and plans put forward during the two-day summit, recognizing the importance of transforming tourism ‘for people, for planet and for prosperity’.

Read all the latest UNWTO News and Updates here.

Tourism must lead the way

Clear leadership to secure the financing necessary to build a more sustainable future. As world leaders get ready to meet in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), it states that “tourism must lead the way in adapting, becoming more sustainable and transitioning towards net-zero growth”. Among the key players backing the plan are UNWTO’s fellow the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), along with leading businesses, destinations and governments.

UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili underscored the need for “clear leadership to secure the financing necessary to build a more sustainable future”. He added that “the Barcelona Call to Action signals our sector’s readiness to lead the way, face up to and overcome challenges and build a better tourism for all”.

SDGs as reference for growth

The Call to Action was announced at the close of the two-day summit. Organized by the Advanced Leadership Foundation, and the Incyde Foundation of the Chambers of Commerce of Spain, with the support of UNWTO, this was the first major event focused on looking ahead held since the start of the pandemic. Its focus aligned with many of the key priorities of UNWTO’s work, most notably an emphasis on securing more and more effective funding to help transform the sector, as well as on the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Read all the latest UNWTO News and Updates here.

The ten-point Call to Action includes a commitment to more fully integrating tourism into national and local action plans, ensuring the sector is engaged in issues such as housing, the use of public space and the use of infrastructure. It also highlights the need to ensure the sector’s restart and future growth adhere to the principles of the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and are aligned with the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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First published at – Global Travel News

Nomadhood Celebrates Digital Nomads and the Future of Work and Travel

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Nomadhood Celebrates Digital Nomads and the Future of Work and Travel - - TRAVELINDEXManila, Philippines, October 15, 2021 / TAVELINDEX / COVID-19, if anything, teaches many to take a few steps back. Declutter, live simply, work moderately, go local, and appreciate people and the planet.

Imagine… with very few things, your laptop, and a backpack, you can work from anywhere? It’s now more than possible to support local tourism, while spending less, and wasting less!

Maybe the “digital nomad” life is for you, if you want to work from anywhere… at cafes, beaches, or hotel rooms – name it! While digital nomads have existed since the rise of Zoom, GoToMeeting and other conferencing platforms – they now represent professional freedom.

In the Philippines, is the latest community not only for expats, or domestic tourists, but especially for these hardworking travelers. The new website will soon offer online and offline spaces to find safe, comfortable, efficient, and even sustainable working conditions around the country.

To launch, in partnership with AsiaTVOfficial, Metro Channel and Metro.Style, the Philippines’ very first hybrid DIGITAL NOMAD FESTIVAL is slated on 23 October 2021, Saturday, at 1 PM GMT+8.

1) Tune-in via YouTube @AsiaTVOfficial : Interactive dialogue between the Tourism Promotions Board and Junior Tourism and Hospitality Management Association, with international guest speakers, games and breakouts games with Pinoy digital nomad influencers

2) Visit Offline at partner destinations: Get a FREE/ discounted welcome drink and Nomadhood merchandise, at any of the 3:
– Sinag Hostel – Siargao
3167 Brgy. Catangnan, Siargao Island
– Marina de Bay
Purok Sandiwa Barangay Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island Iconik Travels
– UP Town Center
SDG Builders Group-Garden Tower Hub

Register at for FREE tickets, and get a chance to even WIN a free 1-MONTH stay in Siargao for digital nomads!!!

Everybody dreams to move from congested urban areas, back to nature, to walk freely and breathe fresh air. But with the hassle of fluctuating quarantine protocols, it only makes sense with fast internet and protocol-compliant coworking spaces.

By year two of lockdowns, businesses continue to reimagine the New Normal. According to the recently concluded Tech in Asia Conference: “There’s no doubt that if businesses and organizations don’t digitalize, they’re going to get left behind.”

The pandemic comes with the creative responsibility, too, of rethinking plastic waste, growing organic food, protecting biodiversity and promoting clean energy, among best practices by development projects of the SDG Builders Group. Everybody is called to chime in. Leaving nobody behind is at the fingertips of the tourism and hospitality sector, and with internet providers expanding access and governments easing public health concerns, we can begin to reimagine what was once unimaginable : The Future of Work and Travel.

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Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories List Unveiled

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Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories List Unveiled - TRAVELINDEXLeiden, Netherlands, October 14, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / The 2021 Top 100 Unveiling Ceremony took place on the 5th of October during the Global Green Destination Days, the annual flagship event of Green Destinations to connect sustainability professionals, destinations, and tourism boards. Every year, the Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories competition collects Good Practice Stories from destinations all over the world to be shared as inspiring examples to others, from tourism professionals to travellers.

With the tourism sector facing very challenging times in the past years, the resilience and hard work of these destinations to become more responsible should be celebrated. The 2021 selection was determined by the quality, transferability, and more than ever by the level of innovation of the stories.

Submissions were evaluated by the Top 100 Team, country experts and Green Destination Partners, coordinated by Green Destinations. Selection to the Top 100 list does not mean the destination is sustainable, but that the destination has demonstrated compliance with at least minimum sustainability standards and presented a quality Good Practice Story.
The 2021 Top 100 list will be available on the Green Destinations website. Top 100 participants have been invited to be featured in the Good Travel Guide, enabling them to tell their sustainability stories to responsible travellers looking for inspiration.

Green Destinations is the world’s leading destinations’ network for responsible tourism. By participating in the Green Destinations program, a destination gains insight into its performance and perspectives in sustainable tourism planning, hospitality, green economy, and the protection of local values. Green Destinations certification enables a place to present itself as a responsible, healthy, and authentic destination towards its visitors, residents, and entrepreneurs.

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Cardamom Tented Camp Earns Top 100 Green Destinations Award

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Cardamom Tented Camp Earns Top 100 Green Destinations Award

Cambodia, October 7, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Cardamom Tented Camp ecolodge in Cambodia has been announced by Green Destinations as one of the 2021 Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories in the world. The announcement at the online annual conference of Green Destinations, a non-profit organisation for sustainable tourism, based in The Netherlands. The annual programme has been in existence since 2014.

Cardamom Tented Camp was chosen by the judges among 28 tourism experiences around the world in the Nature and Ecotourism category. The other 72 winners were in the categories of Localisation and Decarbonising the Local Supply Chain; Communities and Culture; Environment and Climate; and Tourism Reset and Recovery.

Green Destinations“Since Cardamom Tented Camp opened in 2017 we’ve helped protect 18,000 hectares of forest by channelling income from the camp to support 12 forest rangers who have done a terrific job of reducing illegal logging, wildlife hunting and sandbank dredging,” said Willem Niemeijer, CEO of YAANA Ventures, the camp operator.

“Right from day one our slogan has been, ‘Your Stay Keeps the Forest Standing’. The Green Destination judges saw those details of our work. They recognised that our sustainability story as a world-class and inspirational conservation tourism project could be emulated in other places,” he said.

In an earlier Q&A session for the online conference on 5 October, Niemeijer told Green Destination online conference attendees that Cardamom Tented Camp was based on three principles: a belief in visitor dispersion to off-the-beaten-track places away from over-touristed hubs; a commitment to work with experts, such as NGO Wildlife Alliance; and a full-hearted belief in the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, which had to be unwavering if the project was going to be truly sustainable, said Niemeijer.

In an official statement announcing the Top 100, Green Destinations said: “With the tourism sector facing very challenging times in the past year or so, the resilience and hard work of these destinations to become more responsible should be celebrated. The 2021 selection was determined by the quality, transferability, and, more than ever, by the level of innovation of the stories.”

Albert Salman, the President of Green Destinations told the audience that the objective of the top 100 sustainability stories programme was to “inspire responsible tourism leadership around the world”.

About Cardamom Tented Camp
Cardamom Tented Camp is an ecolodge located in the foothills of the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia. Offering nine well-appointed safari-style tents, the lodge aims to minimize the human footprint on the natural world and serve as a role model in promoting sustainable ecotourism practices within both the national park and Cambodia as a whole. Located on an 18,000-hectare (180 km2) concession, the lodge and its surroundings are home to pristine lowland and coastal habitats linking wildlife corridors to the Cardamom Mountains. Eco-friendly trekking and kayaking packages are available for adventure enthusiasts who are keen to be a part of real conservation work.

Cardamom Tented Camp is a three-way initiative between Minor Group, YAANA Ventures and Wildlife Alliance to ensure the land and its biodiversity does not fall into the hands of loggers, poachers and sand dredging operations.

About Cardamom Tented Camp operator YAANA Ventures
YAANA Ventures is an owner, partner and operator of entrepreneurial travel and hospitality ventures in Asia. YAANA Ventures distinguishes itself by sharing real experiences that are grounded in the cultural richness of Asia. The company is the champion of the triple bottom-line. It empowers its ventures with the values to nurture the people with whom it works.

About Green Destinations
Green Destinations is the world’s leading destinations’ network for responsible tourism. By participating in the Green Destinations programme, a destination gains insight into its performance and perspectives in sustainable tourism planning, hospitality, green economy, and the protection of local values. Green Destinations certification enables a place to present itself as a responsible, healthy, and authentic destination for visitors, residents, and entrepreneurs.

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American Express Global Business Travel Joins Global Sustainable Tourism Council

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American Express Global Business Travel Joins Global Sustainable Tourism Council

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, October 4, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Sustainability is at the top of organizations’ agendas today. According to a report from United Nations Climate Change, the number of businesses and local governments committed to reaching net-zero emissions doubled in less than a year. The majority aims to achieve a zero-carbon economy by 2050 as part of the UN Race to Zero Campaign.

As part of their efforts to help clients realize their sustainability goals and protect global communities, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) recently became a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) – a strategic partnership that will bring more transparency and ease to the process of booking sustainable hotels.
GBT partnership with GSTC

By becoming a GSTC member, GBT will actively promote the widespread adoption of the organization’s sustainable tourism principles and drive demand for more responsible activities and experiences.

During the initial phase of the partnership with GSTC, GBT will highlight hotels and other accommodation partners as “sustainable” that meet GSTC’s standards or, even better, are certified by a GSTC-Accredited Certification Body. This information will be available to corporate buyers who are supported by GBT’s consulting arm, Global Business Consulting (GBC), in their hotel sourcing exercise. In the future, GSTC analytics will be incorporated into the booking processes to enable travelers to identify and select qualified accommodation partners.

GBT employees globally will also have access to educational videos and webinars hosted by GSTC to provide knowledge of sustainability topics relevant for the travel and tourism industry.

Through global outreach and plans to drive sustainability in buyers and travelers’ contracting/booking decisions, GBT is well positioned to spur the adoption of sustainable hotels together with GSTC. With millions of room nights booked annually through GBT, its clients’ impact on the environment and within the industry could be massive.

“Sustainability is a top priority for our clients – as it is for GBT too,” said Si-Yeon Kim, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer and Executive Chair of Environmental, Social, Governance at GBT. “By spotlighting suppliers that meet GSTC’s Criteria and steering travelers toward greener choices, we are empowering our clients to make buying decisions that can help preserve this world and create a better reality for future generations to come.”
GSTC welcomes GBT

“We are very pleased to welcome GBT to GSTC and we look forward to collaborating on their ambitious plans. GBT has a leading role in the world of corporate and business travel, and by making it easier for clients to identify sustainable hotels using the GSTC framework, the GSTC-GBT strategic partnership will help drive and promote sustainable business travel,” said Randy Durband, Chief Executive Officer of GSTC.
GSTC for corporate and business travel stakeholders

Using the GSTC Criteria as a reference point allows corporates and organizations interested in sustainable business travel to improve their commercial performance and enhance their reputation by adopting sustainable working policies and practices.

With the growing interest, GSTC has designated a page for Corporate and Business Travel and began offering Sustainable Business Travel courses. The 4-week online GSTC Sustainable Business Travel course uses the four pillars of sustainable management to look at how to create a new model for business travel that harnesses the real value of a pro-active and successful business travel program, respects the new needs of travel and creates a responsible, sustainable company. In other words, a balanced approach to sustainable business travel.

Registration is open for the upcoming course on November 18 – December 16, 2021, which includes live sessions convenient for people in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Africa. More courses are scheduled for 2022.

About American Express Global Business Travel
American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is the world’s leading business partner for managed travel. We help companies and their employees prosper by making sure travelers are present where and when it matters. We keep global business moving with the powerful backing of travel professionals in more than 140 countries. Companies of all sizes, and in all places, rely on GBT to provide travel management services, organize meetings and events, and deliver business travel consulting.

About the Global Sustainable Tourism Council
The GSTC is a nonprofit organization created jointly by United Nations agencies and prominent conservation organizations to establish and manage global standards for sustainability in travel and tourism, known as the GSTC Criteria.

The Criteria are organized around four main themes: effective sustainability planning, maximizing social and economic benefits for the local community, enhancing cultural heritage, and reducing negative impacts to the environment.

As the global authority on quality sustainable tourism standards, the GSTC engages with a worldwide network of members – from leading tour operators and international hospitality brands to government organizations and national tourism boards. Along other leading sustainability schemes, GSTC is an ISEAL Community Member.

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