• See Global Initiative by the Travel and Tourism Foundation
  • Travel Intelligence by the Travel and Tourism Foundation
  • Just One Tree Travel and Tourism Foundation Sustainable Tourism
See Global Initiative
A global knowledge platform for the engagement of local communities leading to economic changes.
Travel Intelligence Unit
The Travel Intelligence Unit delivers the consistent and unbiased insight needed in a fast changing world.
Just One Tree
Promoting sustainable tourism by giving back for a more sustainable future, one tree at a time.

Tourism for Development.

We are a nonprofit organization that helps local people develop solutions to transform data to information and knowledge. Our vision is rooted in the idea that democratization of knowledge is a major contributor to social and economic changes creating jobs and income for people and their community.

We look at the human aspects of data because research must have practical tools to advance economic planning, social decision-making and organizational effectiveness. The unparalleled power to harvest and share information, knowledge and wisdom bestowed by the communication and information revolutions needs to be harnessed to create a new level of engagement for local communities.