HOT DOG.COOL CAT!: Pet friendly cities around the world

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Whether you’re heading off on holiday, relocating, or visiting out-of-town friends and relatives, if you have a pet you need to know whether the city you are visiting is pet-friendly for your family guy.

A new study by MyBaggage has analyzed cities worldwide to determine the most pet-friendly for those looking to travel or relocate with their four-legged friends.

A number of factors were considered in the study that all contribute to a city being pet-friendly, including:

• Number of vets
• Number of pet stores
• Number of pet-friendly restaurants
• Average annual costs of owning a dog
• Number of pet-friendly hotels
• Difficulty to get the animal into the country

Top 5 pet-friendly cities in Canada
Taking the crown in Canada is Toronto, thanks to a huge 81 vets in the area and 114 pet stores so you can spoil Charlie or Charli as much as you like. Combine this with the 99 pet-friendly hotels in the city and the most pet-friendly restaurants in the country, and you can clearly see why Toronto takes the top spot. However, Montreal has the most pet-friendly hotels making that a perfect city to visit or vacation in with your four-legged friend in tow.

Vancouver had the second-highest number of pet stores in the country, so next time you fancy going on a pet-related shopping spree you know where to go!

The top 10 cities worldwide for pets

Worldwide Los Angeles tops the list as the most pet-friendly city thanks to a whopping 196 veterinarian practices and 98 pet stores.
MyBaggage used Yelp to search for all vets within five miles of the center of the city and the total number of pet shops, these were then ranked. Using Tripadvisor, the number of restaurants in each city that are pet-friendly were found, then ranked. The total cost of owning a dog annually was gathered for each country, then ranked based on the price. The total number of pet-friendly hotels was obtained from, by searching for all pet-friendly hotels available in December 2021, then the totals were ranked. Rankings were based out of 100 cities and weighted out of 100 in total. (e.g. the city with the highest number of vets would have 100).


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