TIA Wellness Resort Launches New Gym Experiences

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TIA Wellness Resort Launches New Gym Experiences - TRAVELINDEXDA NANG, Vietnam (Oct 12, 2023) – TIA Wellness Resort, has opened two distinct and separate gyms, each of which mirrors one of the concepts at the core of all their wellbeing offerings.

“We personalize stays under two pillars, Stillness and Splash, that encapsulate what people are typically looking for when they book a holiday with us,” said Ramon Imper, general manager of the resort. “Sometimes a guest wants to go inwards and cultivate that sense of inner stillness, calm, and peace. This is our Stillness pillar. Sometimes the guest is ready to focus that energy outwards, to be creative and expressive. This is our Splash pillar.”

The Splash gym is all about strength, power training, and pushing limits. With its dark charcoal interior and a polished yet industrial vibe the Splash gym has a brawnier feel with a full collection of dumbbells, kettlebells, Technogym benches, battle ropes, jump ropes, Kinesis personal, Plyo boxes, a boxing bag and more. Touch screens are available throughout the space with digital personal training and guidance available for all workout variations and fitness goals. The upbeat music was chosen to encourage a more active sweat session and even the aroma which permeates the space uses energizing oils.

The Stillness gym is bright, light and airy. The focus here is on cardio and stretching with a selection of Technogym cardio equipment including a Skillmill (a curved treadmill), Excite Live Run treadmill, Group Cycle Ride bike and Skill row, along with yoga mats, foam rollers, and an exercise ball. There’s also a crisp, white relaxation sofa, and local calligraphy artwork.

Both rooms channel vistas of lush tropical foliage or the ocean through floor-to-ceiling windows. All guests are invited to use either space, and can choose the type of workout depending on their mood, or exercise in both spaces. Detox refreshing stations and a fully plant-based protein smoothie selection are also available in each gym as part of the pre- or post- workout routine.

“The stark visual contrast of both gyms, and their interplay with the senses through aroma and music, have been designed to help stimulate two different styles of workout that are both equally valid and important,” added Imper. “There’s a sense of yin and yang with each space and we’ve tried to offer a sense of balance by creating these two new gyms.”

The changes to the workout spaces follow enhancements that were made to the resort’s expansive wellness center in recent months. An invigorating outdoor ice bath was also recently added as part of new detox therapies.


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