WALL TO WALL: Art showcases the spirit of St. Martin.

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As the smallest land mass shared by two countries (just 37 square miles), Saint Martin is home to both the Dutch and their capital of Philipsburg and the French with their capital of Marigot. In 2017 Saint Martin, along with much of the northeastern Caribbean, was hit hard by Hurricane Irma. During this challenging period of physical and economic devastation the St. Martin Wall Art Association was founded to revive the soul of the island and demonstrate the creativity and resilience of the people.

For those fascinated by street art, the artworks created by the Association provide a compelling glimpse of paradise. Located in Marigot, this collection of wall art showcases the creative spirit of the island as well as the startling breadth of the populace’s artistic talent. The large paintings and frescoes use vibrant colours and imagery to inspire viewers. As the artwork is all outside, taking a walking tour of the area constitutes an ideal ‘socially-distanced’ activity.

On the French side of the island, the Hommage Hotel & Residences is one of the most recent canvases for wall art in St. Martin. Its five white towers are the canvas to fantastic wall art found on the grounds of Hommage Hotel & Residences! (Do ask the owner about his Canadian family!)

While appreciating its artistic traditions, visitors to St. Martin will of course also enjoy its beautiful beaches, its vibrant culture and nightlife, the excellent cuisine and shopping.

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