Joyned Booking Launches for Travel Websites

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Tel Aviv, Israel, October 27, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Israeli start-up Joyned has today announced the commercial availability of Joyned Booking for the travel sector. The website add-on promotes interaction between friends and family which unfolds whilst they book their trip – making the booking experience a seamless, social one.

Joyned Booking’s collaborative experience, provided on a SaaS basis, allows travel companies to provide customers with a superior user experience when booking group trips. This boosts online sales by keeping F&F travellers on their websites for longer, increasing overall profitability and loyalty, and travel sites using Joyned Booking have already seen a 300% higher conversion rate.

Jonathan Abraham, CEO of Joyned, explains, “Friends and family who travel together, obviously make trip decisions together, but there is no easy way to do that on most online travel sites currently.” Instead, websites are built with individuals in mind. Joyned Booking is the next evolutionary step in online booking, through its ability to easily connect travellers from initial discussions through to point of sale.

“In addition to the benefits to the end user, Joyned Booking provides travel websites with a unique set of data, including F&F traveller price perception, sentiment analysis and a window into the F&F traveller buying journey,” Abraham added. 

To date, travel sector sites using Joyned Booking have seen a conversion rate of four times their baseline, with a 25% higher average order value. Joyned Booking also provides a 90% invite-to-website click-through-rate due to its cross-website, live booking experience, which offers a real-time connection.

About Joyned

Joyned enables customers who go on holiday together to book together, making the travel booking experience collaborative. It provides a cross-website, live experience for online shoppers, empowering travel sites of all sizes to own their shoppers’ natural social engagements directly on-site.


About Jonathan Abraham, CEO, Joyned

Jonathan Abraham is the CEO and founder of Joyned – the travel booking innovator. A committed entrepreneur and experienced speaker, he built his first profitable business at the age of thirteen and has continued doing the same in other ventures since then. Jonathan established Joyned to disrupt the travel market and innovate it into a social experience. Joyned is the voice of authority in the travel booking space: through fashioning a better – more social – booking experience, this will yield better business results.


First published at – Global Travel News