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Global Tourism Forum Hears of Africa and Need for Visibility in New Normal

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Global Tourism Forum Indonesia - TRAVELINDEXJakarta, Indonesia, September 18, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles former Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine Minister was recently addressing the Global Tourism Forum that was being held in Jakarta in Indonesia.

Addressing the global challenges faced by the travel and tourism industry.

The St.Ange address as part of a discussion panel was much awaited in Africa as he was known to have been championing the increasing of trade and tourism ties between Africa and the ASEAN Block. Alain St.Ange, a Tourism Consultant who was based in Indonesia for a while, has been working through FORSEAA (Forum of Small Medium Economics AFRICA ASEAN) to push trade and tourism to Africa from the ASEAN Countries. St.Ange is also working to increase visibility of tourism destinations and to give a long-overdue voice of small and medium-size travel and tourism businesses right around the world which was not surprising to hear the interest from the continent about his address.

St.Ange started by emphasising that tourism needs political support as that remains key for the industry’s success as he congratulated the Vice President and the Tourism Minister for both being present at this edition of the World Tourism Forum. He went on to push as he reminded the Indonesian Government of the many tourism potentials Indonesia has been blessed with, but he said “such potentials and investments in developing them would be wasted if Indonesia does not use everything at its disposal to increase visibility of the country”. Alain St.Ange also pointed out that in the new normal and as post covid is being discussed it was important to appreciate that every tourism destination would be fishing from the same lake for their discerning visitors and that the most innovative and prepared destination would be better placed to embrace post covid trade.

The former Seychelles Minister also spoke about niche markets from the traditional one to Agro-tourism, religious-tourism, sports-tourism, halal-tourism etc saying that every stone must be turned in the search for new tourism markets. He spent time elaborating on the need to set the course for the country and to then deliver on price matching service bearing in mind that the country is the destination and that the country needed to be prepared before someone from the panel reinforced that ‘walk the talk’ was now more important than ever. The former Minister, now a Tourism Consultant also spoke about joining forces with neighbours and friends and cited Africa as the example of a continent needing its tourism industry and going all out to make it work.

Addressing the global challenges faced by the travel and tourism industry.

The Global Tourism Forum 2021 saw the Vice Presidents of Indonesia and former Prime Minister of the UK as well as Dr Taleb Rifai, the former SG of the UNWTO , the current and former Tourism Minister of Indonesia all listed alongside the President of the Global Tourism Forum.

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Suites by David Beckham Win Best Hotel Suite in Asia Pacific

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Suites by David Beckham Win Best Hotel Suite in Asia Pacific - TRAVELINDEX - TOP25HOTELSCotai, Macao SAR, September 18, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Suites by David Beckham at newly-opened The Londoner Hotel in Macao have been named ‘Best Hotel Suite in Asia Pacific’ at The International Hotel & Property Awards 2021.

Discover Macao and the World’s Best Luxury Hotels and Prestigious Hotel Awards at

Occupying the top two floors of The Londoner Hotel, the 14 bespoke Suites by David Beckham were launched earlier in 2021 in collaboration with the Sands Resorts Macao global ambassador, David Beckham, and leading London interior design firm David Collins Studio. At Suites by David Beckham, the British star shares his authentic design aesthetic and invites guests to enjoy a luxurious stay with a range of exclusive experiences.

Dr. Wilfred Wong, President, Sands China Ltd. said: “We are very grateful to have been recognised with this prestigious design award. We were fortunate to have the benefit of David’s impeccable style and taste in designing the suites. Guests will be able to literally step into his luxurious lifestyle, immersing themselves in the celebrity experience. This acknowledgement confirms our efforts, attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship.”

David Beckham commented: “We are delighted that that Suites by David Beckham at The Londoner Hotel have received this award. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to create the suites with luxury and comfort as a priority as well as to collaborate with such incredible teams. It has been a great project to work on and something I feel very proud of. I can’t wait to be able to visit and see them for myself.”

Ranging from 113 to 298 square metres, the suites reflect the best of the British star’s discerning style and sophistication and feature all the home comforts he enjoys when travelling. Divided into two distinct schemes of navy blue and British racing green, Beckham’s favourite colours, they contain subtle references to his renowned sporting career, personal style and interests – football, photography, tailoring and male grooming.

The largest of the suites boasts a small whisky and karaoke bar, inspired by Beckham’s interest in whisky and cut crystal glasses, and incorporates features of some of David Collins Studio’s most renowned London hospitality projects, including The Connaught Bar and Claridge’s Bar.

Discover Macao and the World’s Best Luxury Hotels and Prestigious Hotel Awards at

The International Hotel & Property Awards are held to identify and highlight global design excellence. Hosted by design et al, the leading UK interior design magazine, voting is open to industry professionals as well as design et al readers, clients and customers.

About The Londoner Macao
The Londoner Macao is an integrated resort that invites visitors on a journey through the best of British history and culture. It incorporates five celebrated hotel brands – the new The Londoner Hotel and Londoner Court, alongside existing Conrad Macao, Sheraton Grand Macao and The St. Regis Macao. The Londoner Macao will present visitors to Cotai with an expanded offering of affordable luxury available nowhere else in Macao, with over 6,000 hotel rooms and suites, and 1.2 million square feet (111,000 square metres) of retail, entertainment, dining and meetings and convention space. With over 150 retail outlets, Shoppes at Londoner joins Shoppes at Venetian and Shoppes at Four Seasons, alongside Shoppes at Parisian. Together they offer a selection of approximately 850 luxury duty free stores – the most in any one single location in Macao. With three spas, four health clubs and over 365,000 square feet (34,000 square metres) of uniquely themed gaming space, The Londoner Macao provides a new level of luxury and accessibility to the Cotai Strip.

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GSTC Formally Joins ISEAL as Community Member

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GSTC Formally Joins ISEAL as Community Member

London, United Kingdom, September 17, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) has formally became an ISEAL Community Member. The ISEAL is the global membership organisation for ambitious, collaborative and transparent sustainability systems. ISEAL advocates for the development and adoption of credible, effective sustainability systems, and works to promote the conditions for their uptake. ISEAL members are sustainability systems and accreditation bodies dedicated to delivering benefits for people and the planet. They are committed to continually improving their systems and impacts through learning and innovation; collaborating with stakeholders and peers; and are transparent and truthful about how their systems work and how they measure their impacts.

The GSTC establishes and manages the GSTC Criteria, global standards for sustainable travel and tourism, the result of a worldwide effort to develop a common language about sustainability in tourism.

GSTC Chairman Luigi Cabrini said, “As a tourism-related scheme, we are proud that GSTC meets ISEAL’s eligibility criteria to become an ISEAL Community Member, be part of the important group of organizations that form the alliance. The GSTC has been dedicating years of effort to adhere to the concepts inherent in ISEAL and to apply them to the travel and tourism industry. From our inception our Bylaws have continuously referenced doing so, and as an ISEAL Community Member, GSTC will continue to improve its system.”

GSTC Assurance Manager Claudia Bustinza said, “One of the key activities of the GSTC is Providing Assurance for Sustainable Tourism, which includes Accreditation of Certification Bodies and Recognition of Standards and Systems.”

GSTC Accreditation: GSTC partners with ASI (Assurance Services International) to provide accreditation services for Certification Bodies that certify hotels/accommodations and tour operators as sustainable. GSTC also provides accreditation services for Certification Bodies that certify destinations as sustainable. This provides the marketplace a credible means of selecting Certification Bodies that have been verified by an impartial, credible assurance provider.*

GSTC Recognition: GSTC provides a formal indication of other standards that align with the GSTC Criteria. GSTC-Recognized means that a sustainable tourism standard has been deemed equivalent to the GSTC Criteria for sustainable tourism. This designation is made by GSTC’s expert, independent Assurance Panel. GSTC-Recognized refers to a standard or a system and does not mean that the Certification Body using the standard is accredited.

ISEAL Executive Director Karin Kreider stated she is delighted to be able to welcome GSTC to the ISEAL community. “I applaud the Global Sustainable Tourism Council on becoming an ISEAL Community Member. This step reflects their commitment to credible and effective practices. I look forward to GSTC sharing their experience as a well-established sustainability system and becoming a valuable part of the ISEAL learning community.”

* The GSTC Criteria form the foundation for Accreditation for Certification Bodies that certify hotels/accommodations, tour operators/transport providers, and destinations as having sustainable policies and practices in place. GSTC does not directly certify any products or services; but provides an accreditation program through its partner ASI (Assurance Services International) to accredit Certification Bodies.

About the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)
The Global Sustainable Tourism Council establishes and manages global sustainable standards, known as the GSTC Criteria. There are two sets: Destination Criteria for public policy-makers and destination managers, and Industry Criteria for hotels and tour operators. They are the result of a worldwide effort to develop a common language about sustainability in tourism. The Criteria are arranged in four pillars: (A) Sustainable management; (B) Socioeconomic impacts; (C) Cultural impacts; and (D) Environmental impacts (including consumption of resources, reducing pollution, and conserving biodiversity and landscapes). Since tourism destinations each have their own culture, environment, customs, and laws, the Criteria are designed to be adapted to local conditions and supplemented by additional criteria for the specific location and activity.

The GSTC Criteria form the foundation for Accreditation of Certification Bodies that certify hotels/accommodations, tour operators, and destinations as having sustainable policies and practices in place. GSTC does not directly certify any products or services; but it accredits those that do. The GSTC is an independent and neutral USA-registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that represents a diverse and global membership, including national and provincial governments, leading travel companies, hotels, tour operators, NGO’s, individuals and communities – all striving to achieve best practices in sustainable tourism.

ISEAL is the global membership organisation for ambitious, collaborative and transparent sustainability systems. We’re driving collective efforts to tackle the most pressing sustainability issues and create a world where markets are a force for good. Joining ISEAL’s learning community helps sustainability systems and their partners to deliver real, lasting, positive change. Our Community Members are sustainability standards and similar systems that collaborate to scale and demonstrate positive impact. Our Code Compliant members go further, adhering to our Codes of Good Practice – a globally recognised framework for best practice.

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Seychelles Getting Ready for Upcoming COP Meeting

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Seychelles Getting Ready for Upcoming COP Meeting

Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles, September 17, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / With the environment high now on everyone’s agenda and as climate change is making itself felt in the four corners of the globe the Seychelles is gearing itself for sensitizing the world on safeguarding what the islands have been blessed with in a hope that everyone follows suit. A full series of books all based on what Seychelles has as unique treasures in the area of environment has been issued by Steen N. Hansen, a Dutch National living in Seychelles and he is being assisted by his Seychellois wife Marie France is pushing for recognition of their long and difficult task.

Steen G. Hansen is a Danish national who was born in 1951. It was in 2015 that he moved to Seychelles and got married a year after to a Seychellois, and was granted a permanent residency in the Republic of Seychelles in 2019.

Hansen holds a master in biology and a bachelor in geography and in geology as well (all from the university of Copenhagen) and in German language and culture (from the University of Odense, Denmark). Prior to the arrival in Seychelles, Mr. Hansen served as a consultant biologist and as a senior lecturer at college level. He was particularly interested in environmental conservation, and has written a number of discussion papers, views and feature articles about nature, nature management and even of genetic manipulated foods items.

In the Seychelles he continued his passion for nature and nature management by writing the first illustrated and comprehensive Flora of the Seychelles from 2016 (725 pages) plus a number of smaller and easy-to-read books featuring nature treasures in the Seychelles of which can be mentioned ‘Striking Plants of Aride Island’ (2016); ‘Vallée de Mai – a Primeval Palm Forest, a Nature Reserve and a UNESCO Heritage Site’ (2017); ‘Striking Nature of Curieuse Island (2017); ‘The National Botanical Garden of Seychelles’ (2018); ‘The Tea Factory, its Nature Trail and Morne Blanc’ (2018; ‘Le Jardin du Roi Spice Garden’ (2018); ‘The National Biodiversity Centre of Seychelles’ (2019) and latest ‘Le Ravin de Fond Ferdinand – a Special Reserve on Praslin’ (2021), and where he focuses on nature management and conservation efforts next to presenting a selection of plants and animals.

Mr. Hansen’s dedication for nature and nature management is fueled by the fact that the global environment is under pressure like never before. Scaring three plant or animal species are becoming extinct every hour round the clock, for which reason ‘we are on the edge to be the first species to be able to document our own eradication if no action is taken now’ (Dr. Christiana Pasca Palmer, UN Executive for Biodiversity). And the only way out, following Mr. Hansen, is to sensitize the public and thus the grass roots as much as possible by getting to know about our precious world and its critical state by self-examination, and to which Mr. Hansen’s work – with his own words – is just a small and humble contribution.

COP will bring many influential personalities together to discuss what needs to be done and Hansen is saying start by knowing what exists and then protect what has been seen to exist.

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Hyatt Regency Koh Samui Steps Up as Fine Dining Venue

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Hyatt Regency Koh Samui Steps Up as Fine Dining Venue - TRAVELINDEXKoh Samui, Thailand, September 17, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / As a Sicilian, Frederik Farina is steeped in a culinary culture that emphasises simplicity and sustainability. Resort’s variety of culinary concepts harness sustainability, simplicity and sense of place.

And the experienced F&B visionary is utilizing his ingrained food philosophy to establish the Hyatt Regency Koh Samui as the most exciting dining destination on Thailand’s legendary paradise island.

Farina, who has spent 18 years with Hyatt in Southeast Asia, is the culinary director at the design-forward resort, a much-anticipated addition to the portfolio of luxury accommodations on Koh Samui which was unveiled at the start of July.

A collaboration between three of Thailand’s biggest hotel design names — Office of Bangkok Architecture, August Design and PLandscaping — the 140-room property occupies eight acres of private coastline in the far northeast corner of Samui.

In his role, Farina oversees the three dining concepts at the resort. These encompass SESUN — a hip beachside grill which majors in fresh seafood and premium meats with a Mediterranean twist —and all-day dining venue, Yangna, where menu selections range from authentic Thai dishes to international specialties.

Completing the resort’s culinary roster is Oasis on the Rocks: a romantic chef’s table on a secluded promontory next to the lapping waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

All three vary significantly in terms of atmosphere and food offerings. What unites them, however, is Farina’s laser focus on utilising premium produce (locally sourced whenever possible) to deliver multi-sensorial experiences to patrons.

“I’m definitely product-driven, so it all comes down to the quality, origin and handling of produce,” he said. “By getting that right, it allows us to deliver food experiences that reflect the location and its culinary traditions and cultural elements while maintaining an outward-looking philosophy with wide appeal.”

At SESUN, the emphasis is placed on Koh Samui’s super-fresh seafood. The fishing net on the roof of the venue reflects the provenance of the seafood, which is supplied from sustainable sources by local fishermen. The marine bounty is then grilled over coconut husks, Samui style, to impart maximum flavour. Other menu highlights include succulent Wagyu steaks and Mediterranean-inspired dishes that make full use of produce from the resort’s organic garden.

Yangna offers more in the way of Thai fire with specialties from around the Kingdom represented on the menu alongside other options ranging from Chinese dim sum to western comfort food and creative salads. Must-try dishes include a handful of authentic southern Thai curries redolent with bold spice.

Oasis on the Rocks, meanwhile, caters to guests seeking a more intimate dining experience. Low lit lamps illuminate a path along the rocks to a platform overlooking the waves where a table for two is laid out for couples who can choose from three delectable set menus: seafood, Thai or Mediterranean.

It’s an unforgettable journey that harnesses the beauty of the resort’s stunning location. It also squares with Farina’s desire to evoke a sense of place in the culinary experiences he has curated at the property.

“The ultimate goal is to deliver cuisine with a personality,” he added. “By referring to where you are, you can enhance appreciation of the destination.”

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As Canada inches towards recovery from COVID and the travel industry follows suit, many of the first in-person meetings are taking place on golf courses – open, outdoor settings that are naturally socially distanced, while still being social. This includes a tentative return to the corporate golf tournament – such as the Toronto Skal Club’s much-anticipated return to the links in Toronto on Sept. 27.

So, what do you do if you don’t play golf and are invited to one of these meetings, or it’s a “must-attend” event? How do you make it to the “19th hole” with your confidence and pride intact?

You have a game plan and a strategy, say golf experts at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia, whose courses have seen up to 300 rounds per day this fall, a record-breaking pace fuelled in part by the rebound of the corporate meeting.

“The real first step is to focus on what you can do well, and learn at home,” says Chris George, Kingsmill Resort’s golf pro, adding, you don’t do what Jackie Gleason did on “The Honeymooners” and try to learn the game overnight. Instead, talk to someone with experience, especially when it comes to company outings, and ask them how to survive the event, contribute, and most of all, have fun.”

And remember, George adds, most golfers never break 100, so, there are very, very few good golfers.

Second, nearly every corporate outing is a “scramble,” which means everyone hits and then the team picks the best shot, and all players play the next shot from there; the team will repeat this process until they finish the hole. This format is great because it takes the pressure off the novice/first time golfers and more times than not, with four people per team, someone will hit a good enough shot to get to the next shot.

The moment of glory is on the green (where the golf hole and flag is) not on the tee. Only one person needs to hit a good shot. And that shot can be a putt.

Finally, you don’t need to hit the ball 300 yards. There is a famous saying in golf: “Drive for show and putt for dough.”

By George

Here are 10 further tips from George to help newcomers and novices not only “survive” but thrive at the corporate golf outing:

1. Learn the lingo (and what not to say): Birdie, par, bogey, 90-degree rule, tee box, fairway, green, 19th Hole, golf etiquette (not talking during someone’s swing, where to stand, etc.)

2. Learn to putt: Great putts win holes and winning holes helps with prizes at the dinner after the scramble. You can putt with any putter. Get a putter (easy and cheap) and a few golf balls and put across your living room into an empty cup or aim for leg of a chair/couch across the carpet and floor to practice. Most public golf courses allow you to use the putting green free of charge.

3. No clubs, no problem: Borrow clubs from a friend, or call the golf course ahead to reserve a rental set.

4. It’s all about the grip: Most golfers don’t know how to properly hold the club correctly. Go online to check out tutorial videos to learn how to hold and swing the club.

5. What to wear: No fancy golf clothes are needed. Make sure to have a pair of golf shoes, which can be picked up at a local sporting goods store or online. For men, collared shirt and any type of pants/shorts are great; golf skirts for women. The key is not to dress in plaid and not to wear hot pants!

6. Golf etiquette: Golf is a social game, mostly a quiet game and showing respect is key. The basic rules include:

• Don’t talk when people are getting ready or hitting a shot

• Don’t stand in front of people hitting. Stand still and to the side when they are hitting a shot (so they can focus on the ball and the hole).

• Don’t walk in people’s “line” on the green. In other words, don’t step on the grass where the ball will roll from their putter to the hole, it can leave an imprint and ruin their putt.

7. Respect the golf course: Repair divots or ball marks on the green (simple, easy, and impressive). Rake sand traps to get rid of footprints (the rakes are in or near the sand traps… you don’t have to bring one with you).

8. Don’t think too much: Golf is a counter-intuitive game. You swing slow and easy to hit the ball farther. You hit down on the ball to make it go up in the air (the club will do the work). Always follow through on your swing (make sure your belt buckle is facing the target after your swing).

9. Have fun: Golf outings and scrambles are social, fun, and most people have no belief they have a shot at winning. It’s a team effort where everyone at some point will help the team (that putt, or getting it close to the hole, or out of sand trap). Don’t be afraid to ask golfers with you for help, or tips. Golfers love to talk about golf, it’s a game of passion.

10. The 19th hole: There is no actual 19th hole – it’s a term used by golfers for the bar/restaurant or clubhouse where golfers meet up to recount and embellish tales of glory of the 18 holes they just played. Like fish tales, golf tales are created there as the social aspect of the game continues off the course itself.

Still not convinced? Just remember, George says: “As they say, any day on the golf course is better than a day in the office!”

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PUBS, PATIOS & BARS: We Bierliebe in Switzerland

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Sometimes drinks just taste better in a particular setting, such as beer with a ballgame in front of it, or a glass of wine with a lush vineyard stretching out to the horizon behind. Such is the case with Bierliebe and Friends, which is nestled along the edge of the River Reuss within paddling distance of Lucerne’s famous covered bridge/causeway.

Lucerne is arguably Switzerland’s prettiest city and the Europe’s oldest timber bridge, Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge), which spans the river diagonally and contains a number of historic paintings inside, is its prime attraction. So where better to settle in for in a peaceful and regenerative drink after a few hours of sightseeing? – an experience I was lucky enough to have earlier this month while on a post Air Canada Race 2021 FAM trip excursion.

There are a number of venues chock-a-block to Bierliebe and Friends along the Rathausquai, but one of my colleagues had found this pub/patio a couple of years ago and recommended we return for the service, the beer (and, of course, the view).

As for the former, the owner Vince Vercueil, South African by birth, remembered Ann, and sat with us to chat, explaining that his establishment’s philosophy was “love of beer” and mission to “elevate” Swiss beer, which boasts 1,300 microbreweries.

To that end, Bierliebe doesn’t serve pints or pitchers, rather unique two- and four-decilitre glasses (typical is three), and sampler flights (four glasses). “You won’t get drunk here,” Vercueil laughed, adding, “We’re not a Saturday evening address.” He notes that much of the pub’s clientele is local, despite its prime location on the town’s tourist trail, which helped the business survive the pandemic.

There are 12 local Swiss craft beers on tap to try, ranging from wheat, sour and stouts, to lagers and IPA. There is also wine, cider, whisky, and gin.

“You have a lot of people who want to discuss (Swiss) beer and there’s always someone here to do it,” says Vercueil.

Food is similarly locally sourced with burgers courtesy of a neighbourhood butcher and custom bread made at a local bakery. The “Swiss” gourmet hotdogs and bratwurst also earn raves.

Patrons can sit inside, with some window views of the bridge, but the patio on the Rathausquai provides the most desirable setting.

In sum, its attributes have garnered awards for Bierliebe and Friends. Add to it my distinguished blessing, and, hopefully soon, yours.

The Pub is open daily from 11:30 a.m. and is easy to find. You’ll see it from the bridge.

With glass purposefully in hand, we at Travel Industry Today continue our series on some of the planet’s best bars, patios and rooftop venues. For more articles in the series, click here:




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UNWTO Members Plan Coordinated Restart of Tourism in Asia and Pacific

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UNWTO Members Plan Coordinated Restart of Tourism in Asia and Pacific

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 16, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Tourism leaders from across Asia and the Pacific have met to plan the sector’s restart and recovery even as borders remain closed throughout the region.

The 33rd Joint meeting of the World Tourism Organization’s Commission for East Asia and the Pacific and its Commission for South Asia (14 September 2021) came on the back of a challenging year for the region. The first to feel the impacts of the pandemic, the tourism sector of Asia and the Pacific has also been the hardest hit, recording a 95% fall in international arrivals in the first five months of 2021.

Coordinated restart and recovery

With the right policy measures and strong coordination, destinations can start safely welcoming back international visitors, thereby allowing tourism to deliver on its potential as a driver of recovery and inclusive growth

With UNWTO data also showing that this region continues to have the largest proportion of destinations closed to tourists, the Member States taking part in the virtual meetings focused on the coordination of policy measures and strategies to accelerate the recovery of tourism activities in the region. These include the phased lifting on travel restrictions and the introduction of travel corridors. Looking ahead, Members also agreed on the importance of upgrading the skills of the tourism labour force, as well as embracing innovation and digital transformation.

UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili said: “The Asia and Pacific region has a proven record as a dynamic tourism destination. With the right policy measures and strong coordination, destinations can start safely welcoming back international visitors, thereby allowing tourism to deliver on its potential as a driver of recovery and inclusive growth.”

Elections for the Future

The meetings attracted  around 120 participants from 25 of UNWTO’s 29 Member States in the region under the chairmanship of Malaysia and the Maldives. Ahead of the 24th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly (30 November – 3 December 2021, Marrakesh, Morocco) the meeting concluded with elections and nominations for positions within key UNWTO bodies.

India and Iran were nominated to represent South Asia on the UNWTO Executive Council; Cambodia and Maldives were nominated to represent the region as Vice-Presidents of the 24th General Assembly, while Samoa and Bhutan will serve the members on the Credentials Committee.

Malaysia and the Maldives were nominated as Chairpersons to serve their Commissions for a second term, with Fiji and Japan appointed to play the role of Vice-Chairs for the Commission for East Asia and the Pacific, while Bangladesh and Iran will serve as Vice-Chairs for the Commission for South Asia. Finally, Maldives was nominated as the venue for the next Joint Meeting of the two Commissions (CAP and CSA) in 2022, and Indonesia was endorsed as the host of World Tourism Day 2022.

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The Luxury Collection and Margherita Maccapani Missoni Collaborate on a Limited-edition Scarf Capturing the Beauty, Color and Textiles of India

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Margherita Maccapani Missoni.jpg
Margherita Maccapani Missoni

The Luxury Collection, part of Marriott International, announces their third collaboration with celebrated fashion designer and Global Explorer Margherita Maccapani Missoni, unveiling a limited-edition scarf inspired by her travels to The Luxury Collection’s properties in India. A vibrant destination with endless discoveries, India is a kaleidoscope of craft and color, history and epicurean delights, and Margherita captures her transformative experience traveling throughout Goa and Delhi. The scarf, created exclusively for The Luxury Collection, is available for retail on The Luxury Collection Store beginning in September 2021. All proceeds will be donated to Collective Good Foundation to help advance their work to support pandemic relief in India.

The Margherita Maccapani Missoni x The Luxury Collection Scarf is inspired by the brilliant colors and hand-made textiles found in India’s celebrated bazaars. With exploration in mind, the lightweight piece captures the movement and excitement of walking through the bustling streets of India and embraces on-the-go versatility, able to be styled as a scarf, sarong cover-up, wrap and more for the global traveler. The design specifically draws inspiration from Margherita’s time spent with local Kolam artists in Goa as well as her discovery of colorful spices at the Khari Baoli in Delhi. A signature of Margherita’s designs, the scarf’s statement pattern weaves together bold primary colors with pops of green, aqua and pinks.

“During my travels in India, each of The Luxury Collection’s hotels served as my home away from home and a jumping off point for me to discover the beauty of each city,” said Margherita Missoni. “The hotels provided an authentic connection to the people, culture and history of the destination, affording me with endless inspiration – which I aimed to enliven through my design.”

“Margherita’s approach to travel and design perfectly captures the spirit of a Global Explorer and The Luxury Collection brand as we look to engage our curiosities and embark on a quest for discovery through travel,” said Philipp Weghmann, Vice President & Global Brand Leader, The Luxury Collection. “She has a unique ability to translate her experiences into a piece that celebrates not only the look and feel, but also the emotion, of a place. We are thrilled to collaborate with her on a beautiful design to celebrate our captivating portfolio in India.”

Margherita Maccapani Missoni x The Luxury Collection Limited-Edition Scarf will launch in September 2021 and will be available for purchase on The scarf will retail for $230, and all proceeds will be donated to Collective Good Foundation.

About The Luxury Collection® Hotels & Resorts
The Luxury Collection®, part of Marriott International, Inc., is comprised of world-renowned hotels and resorts offering unique, authentic experiences that evoke lasting, treasured memories. For the global explorer, The Luxury Collection offers a gateway to the world’s most exciting and desirable destinations. Each hotel and resort is a unique and cherished expression of its location; a portal to the destination’s indigenous charms and treasures. Originated in 1906 under the CIGA® brand as a collection of Europe’s most celebrated and iconic properties, today The Luxury Collection brand is a glittering ensemble of nearly 120 of the world’s finest hotels and resorts in more than 35 countries and territories. All of these hotels, many of them centuries old, are internationally recognized as being among the world’s finest. For more information and new openings, visit or follow Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The Luxury Collection is proud to participate in Marriott Bonvoy™, the global travel program from Marriott International. The program offers members an extraordinary portfolio of global brands, exclusive experiences on Marriott Bonvoy Moments and unparalleled benefits including free nights and Elite status recognition. To enroll for free or for more information about the program, visit

About Margherita Maccapani Missoni
Granddaughter of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, who founded her family’s fashion house in 1953, Margherita Maccapani Missoni formerly worked as an ambassador for the house and design assistant to her mother Angela Missoni, the group Creative Director. While being the face of Missoni, Margherita studied philosophy at the University of Milan and afterwards at Columbia University in New York, where she lived until spring 2009. After returning to Italy to be involved at a new level in the family fashion house, in 2010, she became Missoni’s accessories director. After a break during which she created her own children’s wear line as well as working on several collaboration that spanned from suitcases to children’s furniture, in 2018, she took the helm of M Missoni by becoming its Creative Director, role that she held until September 2021 when she exited the family company to pursue new career opportunities.

Press Contact
Meg Connolly Communications

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Foliage, Flavors and Festivals: Marriott Bonvoy Inspires Travelers To Celebrate Autumn

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The Ritz-Carlton, Boston, En Plein Air package and JW Marriott Essex House New York
The Ritz-Carlton, Boston, En Plein Air package and JW Marriott Essex House New York

As the first day of fall approaches on September 22, Marriott Bonvoy – an extraordinary portfolio of 30 hotel brands and an award-winning travel program – is inspiring travelers to explore the U.S. and Canada and fall in love with travel again.

“Over the summer, travelers used their vacation days and visited beaches, parks and other outdoor attractions. As the season changes, everyone has that favorite activity that marks autumn, like apple picking or hiking to see the foliage,” said Julius Robinson, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, U.S. and Canada, Marriott International. “From cozy weekend getaways with breathtaking views to exploring urban parks in our cities, the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio offers something for every kind of traveler as we enjoy the return of cooler weather.”

Travelers can take in peak fall foliage to indulge in the season’s best flavors, festivals and events, while discovering new destinations with confidence through Marriott’s Commitment to Clean, which includes enhanced safety protocols and cleaning standards at its hotels.


Kansas City Fall Colors.jpg
Kansas City Fall Colors

Fall is an especially picturesque time of year, with leaves changing to deep reds, burnt oranges and vivid golds. Kansas City welcomes visitors to view the foliage at parks, pumpkin patches and farmers markets. Overlooking the landscape at Penn Valley Park, The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center offers spacious hotel accommodations, floor-to-ceiling windows and Club-level rooms for additional amenities.

In New England, The Ritz-Carlton, Boston is centrally located on the Boston Common and close to the Public Garden, the first-ever botanical garden in America. The hotel is offering a special Painting En Plein Air package, inclusive of a private outdoor painting tutorial with Boston-based fine artist Norman Crump. Unwind at Wentworth by the Sea, A Marriott Hotel & Spa, a luxury oceanfront hotel on the island of New Castle, one of New Hampshire’s oldest settlements offering spa services and suites with water views and a fireplace.

Wentworth by the Sea, A Marriott Hotel & Spa.jpg
Wentworth by the Sea, A Marriott Hotel & Spa
Greg Premru Photography Inc.

Calgary is the perfect blend of city and country, where travelers can take a dip in the Banff Upper Hot Springs, the highest operating hot spring in Canada, with incredible views of Rundle Mountain, then explore the city’s local beer scene and see architectural landmarks like Calgary Tower. After exploring, Aloft Calgary University offers spacious pet-friendly accommodations, an indoor pool, and is close to both the Rocky Mountains and downtown Calgary.


JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback.jpg
JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort and Spa

JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort and Spa is celebrating 85 years with a luxurious $85,000 anniversary package, complete with private yoga sessions, spa treatments, rounds of golf, guided hikes through its namesake, Camelback Mountain and a private dinner cultivating the finest fall flavors of the desert enjoyed in the lushly landscaped Chef’s Garden.

In Canada, Delta Hotels Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort will reintroduce “WinterLURE,” which features a collection of six-person dining domes serving seasonal dishes like Maple Bourbon Pork Ribs and West Coast Seafood Chowder on the outdoor patio of LURE Restaurant & Bar.


Sheraton Grand Seattle.jpg
Sheraton Grand Seattle

In the Pacific Northwest, art lovers can head to Seattle for “Refract: The Seattle Glass Experience” on October 14-17, which features the region’s luminaries in glass art with epic exhibitions and demos at various locations across the city. Sheraton Grand Seattle offers an insider “Raise A Glass & Refract” package, which includes tickets to the opening party of Refract, a complimentary book with works from acclaimed glass sculptor Dale Chihuly, a credit to the hotel’s Fountain bar to try the Refract Glass cocktail which resembles a blown glass sculpture, and the opportunity to view the hotel’s extensive art collection comprised of works by local artists and Chihuly.

While pumpkin patches, apple picking and trick-or-treating are iconic fall staples, there are plenty of unique celebrations offering an ode to the season. Downtown Pittsburgh’s newly opened The Industrialist Hotel, Pittsburgh, Autograph Collection, is the perfect home base for exploring seasonal city attractions such as the annual Soergel Orchard Fall Festival, ZooBoo at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, and The ScareHouse, ranked among the scariest Halloween attractions in the U.S. The hotel’s “Maker’s Menu” in The Industrialist Lounge features seasonal sips alongside DIY crafts from Pittsburgh’s “new industrialists,” so guests can try their hand at candle making and leather engraving.


Montreal Crédit FR © Tourisme Montréal, Mathieu Dupuis-EN Credit © Tourisme Montréal, Mathieu Dupuis.jpg
Montréal Photo Credit: Tourisme Montréal, Mathieu Dupuis
Mathieu Dupuis

The W Montréal welcomes guests with a PRÊT-À-VOYAGER package, inclusive of a unique travel guide designed to navigate the city with the hotel’s “les must,” such as W Montréal’s French Vocabulary book, a curated playlist by local DJ Donald Lauture and a Cocktail Escapade for two.

From brisk city strolls to fall fashion shows, urban destinations are enchanting in autumn. In Washington D.C., visitors can explore the National Mall, Smithsonian museums, Van Gogh Experience and hiking through Rock Creek Park – one of the country’s largest urban national parks. Washington Marriott Georgetown, steps from Rock Creek Park, offers access to the city’s finest fall attractions coupled with modern amenities and seasonal bites and sips at the hotel’s sophisticated restaurant and bar, The Visiteur.

New York City’s iconic skyline and vibrant Central Park foliage are best enjoyed at JW Marriott Essex House New York, located on Central Park South. The hotel features Art Deco-inspired décor and offers a choice of Terrace Suites, Family Connector rooms and Central Park View rooms. The hotel is close to Columbus Circle, Fifth Avenue, and a stroll away from Broadway which welcomes the return of theater productions this fall.

While Detroit has an abundance of autumn-inspired indulgences from apple picking to tasting pumpkin-flavored local brews, the recently renovated Baronette Renaissance Detroit-Novi Hotel is worth a trip to the city for its stylish décor and amenities and proximity to Twelve Oaks Mall, one of Detroit’s premiere shopping destinations and entertainment districts.

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