LISTENING IN: Clanadonia, banging a drum for Scotland

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Visit Scotland visited Toronto this week and it got us thinking about favourite Scottish musicians/bands of (relatively) recent vintage, among them Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox, Nazareth, Simple Minds, the Bay City Rollers, The Proclaimers, and (especially) the Jesus and Mary Chain. But none of them are anything like this.

Clanadonia (a play on Caledonia, the original Roman name for northern Great Britain) isn’t a pop band to be sure, rather a self-described Celtic “drum and pipe band with a difference,” namely one that delivers “the authentic tribal sound of Scotland.”

“Our music, our passion, our culture, our history, our people and our ancestral bloodlines are all bonded within our music,” they declare.

And that music is typically proffered on the streets of Scotland’s cities, as can be seen on many a YouTube video, but also at various events and festivals, like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Led by the colourful character Tu-Bardh (“Gandalf on the drums”), the band also boasts numerous stage and screen credits, including Outlander.

With a mission “to spread bagpipe and drum fuelled havoc amongst the general public throughout the known world…” count us among the converted.

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